May 29, 2024

Why Did PDP Candidate, Asue Ighodalo Scale His Table?


PDP Guber Candidate, Asue Ighodalo scaling over the table

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By Osamudiamen Oriafo

According studies, there are evidences that if disruptive behaviour is left unidentified and untreated, the problems will persist and may develop into problems linked with delinquency, substance abuse, and violence.

It is therefore advised by psychologists that reliable disruptive behavior should by identified quickly to assist in recogniting the impact of treatments on disruptive behavior.

On the other hands, experts in adult psychology education see the application of pyscho-therapy as an important remedy.

Seligman et al. (2009) defined positive education as “education for both traditional skills and for happiness” (p. 263).

Inherent in positive education is the idea that good character, positive behaviors at school and academic achievement are not only aims of education, but also closely intertwined with behaviour in the public.

The importance of good character in education has also been emphasized by both scientific and popular literature (Tough, 2012; Linkins et al., 2015).

Andbresearchers like Hokanson and Karlson, 2013) have also called for studying the role of character strengths in education.

They argue the link between students’ character strengths and school achievement and investigate the mediating role of positive behavior in adults.

More specifically, researchers have examined whether character strengths facilitate positive behaviours in people, which in turn ensure orderliness in their life generally.

According to Peterson and Seligman, character strengths are not only expressed in thoughts and actions, but importantly, also in behaviours.

Some videos of the Mr. Asue Ighodalo, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, have emerged on the internet and some of them have been greeted by criticisms, some of which are very unsavory.

One of such is the now infamous ‘Spiderman’ video adopted from his athletic and Esan masquerade ‘Igbabonelimhin’ widely circulated video.

“Edo People Behold An Uncultured Spiderman (Asue Ighodalo)!” An online commentator using ‘Jesus Army’ labeled a five seconds video.

“This is a barbaric attitude being displayed by a supposed candidate of a major political party.

“We can’t continue to allow people who are recalcitrant to modern way of life to come into our land and think of running over our sensibility.

“Asue Ighodalo is not only uncultured but rude, crude, uncivilized, and very barbaric in thinking.

“You don’t scale the table to sit on an executive position.

“We can’t allow this nomadic way of doing things to be seen and exposed to our young population of Edo State.”

‘Jesus Army’s added that, “…leadership is about being cultured and ready to pass the same to the next generation.

We won’t allow this Lagos contra(….) to expose our young people to this wayward life.

“We’re not in the jungle and will never slide back to the jungle life.

“We’re struggling to take Edo out of the Egypt his boss and mentor took us to via his almost eight years of governance with almost nothing to show in all the billions of Naira and millions of foreign currencies received.

“Obaseki is about to bring Edo to public ridicule when EFCC will handcuff him and even chain his legs.”

This caustic and harsh complain about the conduct of the immediate chairman of Nigerian Breweries and Sterling Bank has attracted over 20,000 comments in one of the social media platforms where the video was shared.

“And now a supposedly struggling to campaign successor is scaling the table?” One comment reads.

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