April 17, 2024

Dear Bishop, Before Our ‘Korokoro’ Eyes, We’ve  Watched Fruitless Exercises, Open Disregard for Truth, Justice… – Izobo to Bishop Okosun

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Good day Lord Bishop,

God bless you-us-all-and Edo State.

I got a notification on behalf of “Edo State PDP (People’s Democratic Party) conflict and resolution committee” – for a meeting at Afuze. It was stated that you are chairman of the committee.

My frontal and consistent membership of PDP is as old as PDP itself. Bishop – you personally know that.

 “Conflicts” precipitated by governors in confrontation with their parties’ leadership, have caused Edo State and it’s people colossal damages, in relationships and in developments.

Lucky’s “silent conflict” with leadership brought about “Grace Group” with the philosophy of “No man is God” in opposition to leadership.

The divide caused by that conflict dovetailed into Prof. Osunbor’s confrontation with “leadership” of PDP.

Many unprintable consequences followed that unnecessary conflict.

PDP’s Osunbor governorship was “dashed” to Oshiomhole’s ACN. It was even rumoured that Oshiomhole’s struggle to power was funded by PDP state resources – through Grace Group’s inhibition of PDP leadership with the slogan “No man is God.”

 “Conflicts, Conflicts” – it’s sources and and consequences – greed among them, derailed the party.

When “Grace Group” thought Oshiomhole was demonstrating “ingratitude” to its support – its arrowhead rose to contest against him.

The “karma circle” of “conflict” and “ingratitude” continued between Oshiomhole & his recruited “technocrat – Obaseki; the “Karma circle of conflicts and ingratitude.”

We are currently witnessing the worst ever. People are suffering. Development is suffering. The spirit of good relationship has been killed among the people of Edo.

In all of these sequences, human attempts were made at reconciliation and resolutions. They failed! They continue to fail, because greener pasture seekers who benefit from the conflicts keep fueling them.

The seemingly endemic constancy of PDP “conflicts in Edo State” appears to be beyond human redemption.

Two options are open!

One is terrestrial; the other is celestial.

1. Governor Obaseki should swallow his pride – propelled and fueled by greedy sycophants around him; relate honestly with Dan Orbih to seek peace, justice and resolution to the current conflict within PDP.

2. Let us seek the face and forgiveness of God and beg HIM to kill the spirit of “conflicts” in Edo political system.

 Issues around your proposed meeting:

– The composition  of “stakeholders” to the Afuze meeting, to me as the PDP leader in Ọwan East, is unacceptable.

– Talk with my Local Government PDP Chairman – Leslie Ebozoje.

 Please note: We have no crisis within the legitimate ranking of PDP in Ọwan East.

– We have a very organized  and effectively functional – LGA EXCO ; Ward EXCOs and leadership structures at all levels.

We believe in legalities and operate within the realms.

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1. Don’t you think you are too late in this effort?  We are within zero hours in changes – politically and governmentally!

2. Don’t you think your/our focus on reconciliation should be on the trending – is it rumoured? – challenges between the governor and his deputy? – so we can have some respite and peace in our State?

3. Or is the “meeting” part of LG Election campaign programme?

Dear lord Bishop, for too long and before our ‘korokoro’ eyes, we have watched fruitless exercises – open disregard for truth and justice, disrespect for wise counsels and deliberate punishment of development in our State.

You yourself should speak out. Edo people are tired of deception and deceitful acts.

Comrade George Izobo, is a former President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).

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