June 20, 2024

Benin-Sapele Road Tragedy…Over 100 People Roasted Alive


Burnt vehicles

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By Reporter

Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration turned bloody earlier when a fuel tanker fire incident roasted over 100 persons alive.

According to report, the incident happened on the failed portion of Benin-Sapele Road.

According to eye witness report, the fuel-laden tanker fell off the road before ramming into other vehicles.

It was gathered that the fatal accident occurred when the driver of the tanker heading towards Benin lost control and veered of the road as a result of the deplorable condition of the road.

The situation escalated when some locals took advantage to scoop the fuel that emptied from  the tanker.

It was gathered that a spark may have ignited the truck and exploded, and in the process, burnt everything on its path – including, travellers that were waiting for vehicles.

Several vehicles were engulfed by the uncontrollable fire.

Initial reports indicated that the accident happened in Ologbo, in Edo State, the Commissioner of Information and Orientation, Mr. Chris Nehikhare insisted that, indeed, it took place across the boarder with Delta State.

It will be recalled that, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has been involved in tussle with the Federal Government on who should shoulder the responsibility of fixing the failed portions on the Benin-Sapele Road considered as economic life-wire of Edo and Delta States.

The blame game led Edo State to install a disclaimer post in some portions of the road-alerting commuters that the road belongs to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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