April 13, 2024

Nigeria At 63: Time To Renew Our Faith in Our Country


Samson Osagie

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By Samson Osagie, PhD

Evidently, our nation is not doing well at all.  No one should pretend about it.  We have lost  a lot of grounds. We have missed so many opportunities and we have caused all these calamities for ourselves either by our choices, action or inaction.

We have reached a point in our nation’s history when we should all demand nothing but what is right and what is good, beneficial and advantageous to the generality of our nation’s health, men, women, boys , girls and children. 

At  63, we are old enough to be a  grandparent whose investment and development strides can sustains generations yet unborn. But no, our efforts of yesteryears have been frittered on the altar of selfishness, corruption, maladministration, misappropriation, tribalism, nepotism and  favouritism.

God must be a Nigerian, else how do we explain the monumental disaster that had befallen us.  We must pray for forgiveness particularly for all those of us that have had opportunity to serve at one point or the other.

But, can we give up? NO. If anything now is the time to rededicate ourselves to revamping our nation and pulling it out from the woods. We have no country to call ours except this entity that destiny brought us all into.

Now is the time to participate more constructively and actively in the affairs of our nation. There is no one single angel that can recover our country for us . Whether in government or opposition we all require to remain committed to our country for the purpose of building it rather than destroying it

Our God given potentials are huge. Even though our human capacity have failed in positively harnessing them for our growth, we can start doing that now.

As the oil in the Niger Delta keeps flowing, let the Gold in Zamfara contribute to national coffers and let our national resources be well managed for the benefits of all Nigerians 

The times are hard hence we need to be hard on our numerous challenges with nationalistic zeal and unqualified patriotism.

“Tough times Never Last, But Tough People Do” – Robert Harold Sculler

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