April 13, 2024
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By Mrs Enekpen Obaseki

The ability to uniquely intersect hearts and brain before words are formed is the hallmark of an influential leader’s capacity to galvanize humans for progress.”

One of the traits I admire in Humans and by extension, leaders is the ability, whether innate or acquired to listen more and speak calculatedly.

It is a gift tested and trusted that has helped over the years in forestalling acrimonious responses to the negative impact of hasty words and a potent tool in Human management.


Words are powerful so at all times, there ought to be a unique intersection between the heart and the brain before words are formed and deployed so as to engender positive effects at all times.

I had always admired this trait in Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

He is a leader that has mastered the act and craft of effective communication and use of suitable words which have gone through the lucid refining of active cerebral cogitation mixed with a sound knowledge and application of emotional intelligence.


He has never seen the need to take back any words he altered in all his years of dealing with humans of diverse background, knowledge, exposure and intellect.

He is a Man blessed with the ability to use the right words at all times devoid of selfishness, pomposity, pride and scorn.


Little wonder therefore, Pastor Osagie Andrew Ize-Iyamu is blessed with irrevocably astute and ardent believers and apostles of his leadership abilities and political ideology.

An ideology devoid of malicious engagement, bitterness, desperation and violence.


The seeds of these progressive engagement is already been sown as seen in his relationships and politics of oneness amongst front line aspirants seeking to fly the flag of the APC and the eventual unseating of the incumbent Governor in the forthcoming 2024 gubernatorial election in Edo State.

These new phase of politics is largely championed by  Pastor Ize-Iyamu alongside the other progressive aspirants/gentlemen.

Now, beyond the aforesaid however, I have come to know Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu from very close contact with him as a man, admirably meticulous.


He is detailed and an advocate for things to be done religiously according to laid down  rules.

Though taciturn sometimes, his none verbal ability to communicate and effectively too, is worthy of emulation.

His masterly act of appropriate delegation of duties along individual’s areas of strength shows he is conscious and grounded leader that leads by showing the way.


“A true party Man, “The Leader” and POI as he is fondly called didn’t come out of nothing but from consistency in character, disposition, words, absolute respect for supremacy of the party and an all inclusive mindset towards all within his areas of control and circle of influence.

POI has within him, the requisite political experience and qualification, temperament, loyalty, respect for rule of law to engender progress and prosperity in Edo State.


And as a cosmopolitan Man, he has the exposure and the political will to replicate world best practices that would take Edo State to enviable heights.

Let’s support and nominate a man of Peace as the APC flag bearer in the forthcoming APC Guber primaries.

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