June 20, 2024

Of a Deceitful ‘Fail-Aghodaro’ and Aspirants To Avoid in 2024

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By Desmond Awuru Esq

In the next few days the Edo State government will be assembling a group of suite wearing personal friends, empty handed, brief case consultants, hired Lebanese contractors and business fronts masquerading as local and foreign investors in the once beautiful city of Benin to ‘shower praises on a praise loving governor who has NOT been able to demonstrate capacity in delivering quality governance to the people of Edo State.

In this government, Edo people know that the word ‘technocrat’ is now synonymous to animosity, wickedness, treachery, lies, betrayal, divisiveness, self-aggrandizement, fake English accent betrayal, unbridled anger and deep seated hatred against those who have benefited us in the past.

It’s a shame that year in year out, Edo people are regale with regurgitated failed promises ranging from industrial parks, gele gele sea port, illusive Edo North airport, emergency alternate roads to the Federal Government and cry cry governor who obviously lacks ideas on how to galvanise local resources for the greater happiness of the people.

What an opportunity lost! This is the end of technocratism in Edo state!

It is on the above premise this piece will focus on the kind of aspirants to avoid by all political parties in Edo State because Edo voters are tired and wary of unending political crisis year in year out.

In addition, it is important for Edo people to be on the alert on the kind of aspirants and the kind of promises to watch out for and avoid as they make up their mind on who is going to take over from the outgoing highly controversial, fractious and divisive government of Godwin Obaseki.


1.            Those who claim there were begged to come and serve. Edo people are not begging anybody to serve us, we need willing and committed leaders not reluctant leaders.

2.            Those who claim they have already ‘made money’ before coming into the race. We need sincere and transparent leaders not arrogant and deceitful leaders who will carry our money to build skyscrapers in Lagos and cover our eyes with Queens English, while we in turn shout ‘Edo nor be Lagos’ to their admiration.

3.            Those who are being introduced to their community for the first time due to their ambition. Some people have lived all their lives in Lagos but due to politics they suddenly remember they are from Edo State. Remember Edo nor be Lagos. If you are not proud to come from Edo State, you are not qualified to lead us.


4.            Those who have nothing to their name in Edo State before now including bore hole, town hall or scholarships to students, job creation opportunity to young people, but are now suddenly promising heaven and paradise. Where have you been all these years? Operation show us your self-help projects from your previous life.

5.            Those who didn’t attend any form of school in Edo State (either primary or secondary or University/Polytechnic). Those kinds of aspirants don’t know our problems.  You see why they introduce laptop and tablets into our schools instead of renovating dilapidated classrooms, roofing and employing teachers is because they don’t know our priorities as a people – we must avoid strangers. Once beaten twice shy. We must put a stop to the era of one teacher one school with one tablet.

6.            Those who are being backed by the Edo State government across all parties. This will amount to godfatherism. Remember Edo people conquered godfatherism in the 2020 elections and no more imposition of leaders on Edo people?

Let the people lead in all parties ahead of the primaries. Edo nor be Lagos o, remember!

7.            We must avoid those who have no respect for the rule of law, separation of powers, traditional institutions, and the rights of the people to own properties.

8.            Avoid aspirants who promise everything and anything under the sun like the phantom or illusive;

a)            one standard hospital per ward kind of promises.

b)            Edo North Airport kind of promises.

c)            Telemedicine kind of promises ‘where patient go dey Auchi, him doctor go dey China’.

d)            World Class Sea Port (Gele Gele) kind of promises.

e)            Alternate to federal road kind of promises. ‘Where you go start to dey construct new express road by the side of existing federal road less than 12 months to the end of your tenure’.

Edo people should run away from these kinds of aspirants because they can sell Edo State and put the change in their pocket.

Once beaten twice shy!


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