June 20, 2024

Nigerian Osadolor Shocks Scrabble World


Charles Osadolor, Scrabble Champion

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Nigerian Charles Osadolor has taken the global scrabble scene by storm, emerging winner in Category 2 of the 2023  WESPA World Diamond Challenge recently held in Las Vegas, USA.

It was the first major international outing by the Edo State born player and staff of Zenith Bank and he showed baffling  dexterity winning 17 games to outclass the pack of established players from across the globe, including James Wilkie of Scotland in the final game, Ruth Maclnerney and Sumbul Siddiqui of England, Cheryl Melvin and Lindsay Shin of hosts USA, Polak Scowcroft of Australia and Warodom Geamsakul of Japan.

Others on board were Mohammed Inayatullah and Tariq Perez of Pakistan, Sridhar Paidikondala of India, Tsz Hin Yip of Hong Kong, Haruna Adamu of Ghana and Team Nigeria mates, Emmanuel Egbele, Charles Uzamere and Adeyera Ade-Adedeji.

Announcing Osadalor as the Category 2 champion at the Westgate Hotel Hall in Las Vegas, the representative of the World English Language Scrabble Players Association said he was execptionaly brilliant and inspiring in his performance.

“We congratulate Charles Osadolor on this exceptional achievement. His dedication to perfecting the art of scrabble is evident in his remarkable performance throughout the competition.

“As a beacon of inspiration to aspiring wordsmiths, Charles demonstrates that language is not only a tool but an intricate tapestry of expression waiting to be woven into masterful play.”

Receiving the honour of victory, Osadolor revealed that his journey in the scrabble world has been with passion and  commitment.

“This victory represents years of dedication to the art of wordplay, a passion that has driven me to constantly refine my linguistic abilities and strategic thinking,” he enthused.

A member of the Pyramid Scrabble Club as well as Ogba Scrabble Club, both in Lagos, Osadolor is said to have shown not just wide lexical prowess but high sense of strategy, word combinations and calculative ability.

Inside sources at Zenith Bank Nigeria informed that the management is elated at Osadolor’s  achievement as a worthy ambassador of the organization, and back in Edo State where Osadolor hails from, scrabble enthusiasts may be calling a celebration to toast him.

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