July 20, 2024

NBA President, Maikyau Accuses ‘AllEyeOnTheJudiciary’ Campaigners of Endangering National Stability


NBA President, Maikyau

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By Reporter

President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr. Yakubu Maikyau, has raised alarm that, the ‘AllEyeOnTheJudiciary’ campaigners are plotting to push the country into a state of anarchy. Maikyau also accused the campaigners of setting the stage for potential chaos within the nation.

He expressed his fear in an interview on ARISE TV televised yesterday, September 3, 2023. The NBA President echoed the grave consequences of making baseless and unsubstantiated allegations against the judiciary.

“When you make unfounded allegations, you are undermining the very foundation that holds this country together.

“If the public loses confidence in the judiciary, our nation will be at risk of descending into anarchy and disorder,” Maikyau said.

“Accusations of corruption within the judiciary are being made without concrete evidence.

“If you possess evidence, present it openly. Failing to do so is as detrimental as any corrupt behavior by a judicial officer, because it erodes the essential structure that binds our country,” He added.

According to him, the judiciary has faced challenges and neglect, but it has consistently displayed resilience and integrity.

Maikyau challenged the sponsors of ‘AllEyessOnTheJudiciary’ campaign, accusing the judciiary of corruption, to provide tangible evidence to identify and rectify any wrongdoing.

“I’ve conveyed this message on various occasions: if you possess evidence against any judicial officers, please come forward with it.

“We will investigate and take appropriate action. Out of all the judicial officers in the country, how many have been convicted of corruption?” The NBA President stressed.

‘Legal ‘AllEyesOnTheJudiciary’ is one of the various pro-democracy groups that came on board after the disputed 2023 general elections in Nigeria, which gave victory to President Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress and several other contestants of different political parties for different offices.

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