April 14, 2024

Keyamo, A Man Blessed By His Chi


Aviation Minister, Keyamo SAN

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By Michael Achimugu

I have said it before and I will say it again. When you notice that there is a momentum of grace on a person at a particular time, don’t fight their grace even if you don’t like them. You will lose.

God will bless whom He will bless, regardless of how we feel about the person. It is written in the scriptures.

It is that kind of grace that Festus Keyamo, SAN, wears as a garment. Pause for a moment and review the trajectory of his life, be you a fan of the Delta-born Minister for Aviation and Aerospace Development or not.

Despite the floods of resistance from those who do not like him, see how grace works for those God chooses to bless:

Keyamo’s name was not on the lists of nominated ministers and people laughed and trolled. God allowed the mockery to rise ro a crescendo, and then He added the man’s name to the list.

Then came the NASS screening. Keyamo’s screening was chaotic. It divided the Senate like none before it, so much that the Senate had to dissolve into an executive meeting over the matter. Immediately that happened, social media was agog with the opinions of people who do not like the man. He was mocked and insulted. But God will bless whom He will bless. It is written.

Keyamo still got confirmed as minister and he’s been appointed to head Aviation. Not a small ministry. Not a small grace.

There is nothing the mortal world can do to stop genuine grace when it is at full tide. A younger Keyamo was an activist. He saw the insides of prison and was harassed for his anti-establishment stand. Today, he is the establishment and he has continued to be promoted. It is not easy to taste both aides of the divide and conquer them equally. I refuse to accept that Keyamo’s success as part of government is because of sycophancy. If it were so, why are the myriad sycophants we know not equally blessed by the same measure of grace?

This grace has nothing to do with party affiliation, ethnicity, or emotions. It is God at work in a man’s life.

When I worked with the brilliant Prof Kingsley Moghalu, I remember saying the same of Peter Obi’s momentum. I was not a Peter Obi supporter but I made it clear that the man was manifesting grace that was beyond his own control and understanding at that moment. It did not matter if I liked him or not. Grace would not give a damn about my opinion.

You don’t fight that kind of grace, you try to outlast it patiently. And as long as it pleases God to sustain such grace, be ready to either accept it or live in perpetual denial of the mystery that is God.

When you fight against it, you will elevate the person even more. Every arrow thrown at that point translates to a stepping stone for them.

Festus Keyamo, the Minister for Aviation and Aerospace Development, happens to be the only returning minister from the past administration. What a feat. What a story. What a testimony.

In today’s world where every man wants to see you fall, I crave this kind of grace.

Lord, please give me the kind of grace that continues to elevate, irrespective of what mere mortals think of me. Give me the grace that does not care about the opinions of imperfect people pretending to be morally better than the rest of the world.

Give me a grace that does not look at my imperfections because if it is by perfection, I’ll never be blessed. No man will be.

Congratulations to the one man who did not just believe my revelations but sunk his resources, his time, and reputation into fighting the case even when people laughed at him.

Congratulations to the man who checked in on my children and I, with words of encouragement when the rest of the world walked out on us.

Congratulations to Festus Keyamo SAN, Honourable Minister for Aviation and Aerospace Development.

It is my hope that you succeed. If people stand against you, remember that not all of them do so because they despise you. There are some critics who truly think that you are a round hole in a square peg. May God who gave you grace also grant you wisdom to succeed because if you do, it will sanitize the aviation industry for all Nigerians; friend or foe.

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