July 20, 2024

He That Has Ears Let Him Hear…


Oba Ewuare II

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By Arch Frank Osa Evbuomwan

The Benin Kingdom has documented evidence of existence for over 600 years.

It survived the British colonizing expedition, intact, encompassing all Benin speakers up till even modern day Nigeria.

The Oba of Benin is king overall Benins, that is an indisputable fact. Enigies as traditional rulers in their domains are but officers and representatives of the Oba just the same way; Commissioners represent the Governors as officers in the various ministries.

So imagine a scenario where state allocations are shared by the Federal Government between the state ministries and state government houses?!

Clearly, raucously reiterating the obvious does not obliterate or cure the intended mischief.

This is a democracy with freedom of thoughts, speech, and justifications.

Nevertheless, governments come and go, after all, they are all tenured. But the Oba remains, until his ancestors demand his presence.

The Oba remains, the only authentic representation of the people, culture and traditions of the Benins including all Edos originating from the old Benin Kingdom (Edo ma hia khin).

The Oba remains, the only king in this kingdom, recognized and revered all along the lofty corridors of history. 

Politicians and their collaborators will do well to remember this when wielding the transient power borrowed to them by the people.

Benin Kingdom has been here before, but survived with flying colors. This will not be any different, after all, what the young think they have slyly concealed is immediately apparent to the elderly and wise.

He that has ears let him hear…

Omo N’Oba ne Edo, Uku Akpolokpolor

Èwuare n’ogieva n’Ogidigan!

Nohien utete no gh’ughe s’omwan

Ugboriri! Emini mini mini!!

The King who is a King!!!

Oba ghator kpere,  Iseeee!

Sokpan wa yere we:

Oghionoba fuede

Oghionozolua e be tu.

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