July 20, 2024

Edobest Angling To Destroy Our Children’s Future


Gov Godwin Obaseki, Commissioner of Education with unidentified pupils

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By Kingston Fashe

The disturbing video of question papers of examinations which has not been written or better still, which was slated for the day before the papers were discovered in the hands of a corn seller on the streets of Benin city as she used the question papers to wrap her corn is annoying. It is “egregious” indeed to borrow the words of Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah who brought this despicable and very unproductive tendency of Obaseki’s dubious Edobest agency to the fore.

This agency is at best meant to be used as a condiuct pipe for Obaseki to syphon Edo State funds into his private pocket.

The implication of this kind of examination papers exposure to the teachers and consequently the students before seating for the examination is the falsehood it portends. This will lead to dull students holding certificates certifying them as brilliant. The end thereoff is such students when further tested in future examinations into higher places like work or higher educational institutions, fails to perform in consonance with their certification. They fall like pack of cards to the dismay of the bodies conducting such examination. This act is capable of consistently bringing shame to Edo State.

The saddest part of this act by Edobest is that brilliant students are not accorded their true pride of place, they are subsumed into the sea of dull students parading the streets with fake brilliant certificates. This is disturbing indeed.

The question to ask is how can Obaseki who got to the highest echelon of governance in Edo State with a long list of academic certificates be seen to stain his surposed integrity with this kind of institution in his government.

I join the APC campaign council in condemning the actions of Edobest and ask that out going governor Obaseki pay attention to the anomalies within that agency. He will do well to investigate this act, bring the perpetrators to book and save our children from destruction.

In the event where Edobest activities are left unchecked by Obaseki which is most probable, the incoming APC government of Monday Okpebholo will come in to Right This Humongous Wrongs. If need be, Edobest should at best be scrapped.

Kingston Fashe writes from Lagos.

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