April 17, 2024

Edo PDP Chieftain Accuses Obaseki of Deceit, Blames Him for Party’s Internal Strife


PDP in unending drama

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By Reporter

Since 2020, the political landscape in Edo State has been marred by internal strife within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), with Governor Godwin Obaseki downplaying the severity of the issues.

However, Chief Fred Taim, a PDP chieftain has come forward to highlight the very real problems facing the Edo PDP, all of which he attributes to the Obaseki’s actions.

Taim cited Obaseki’s disagreement with his deputy as one of the major issue within the party, stating that the lack of unity at the top has had a ripple effect throughout the entire party.

He also highlighted the exclusion of original PDP members from appointment and other contractors in the state, claiming that, this has created a sense of alienation and disenfranchisement among party members.

“He deceived Honourable Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama and Senator Matthew Matthew Urhoghide in the last National Assembly elections,” Taim said.

Furthermore, the angry PDP made reference to the attack on Dr. Earl Osaro Onaiwu by alleged agents of Obaseki’s ally and aspirant, Mr. Asue Ighodalo, during a recent event at the PDP national Secretariat, Abuja. This incident, he claims, is indicative of the hostile environment that PDP members are facing within the state.

“Asue is a stranger to us in both National and State PDP, but Obaseki wants to impose him, causing more problems.” Taim explained in his statement.

In addition to the internal conflicts, Chief Taim pointed out the defection of former major political office holders to other political parties as a further blow to the strength of the Edo PDP.

In light of these issues, Chief Taim has called on the PDP headquarters to intervene before the party primaries next year. He believes that unless the party takes decisive action to address these problems, the Edo PDP will struggle and may be unable to win the September election.

Chief Fred Taim asked for the intervention of national leaders “before it is too late,” while highlighting the urgent need for the party to address the internal discord and exclusion that has plagued the Edo PDP.

“As the race for the governorship heats up, it is clear that the party must resolve these issues if it hopes to maintain its position of power in Edo State.” He added.

“Let it be known that the Governor is full of deceit and does not keep to his words. It’s the same thing that happened when he was in All Progressive Congress (APC) as Governor and got kicked out. He carried it over to PDP. Why is he now blaming the PDP for blowing up the issues when he is the cause?” Chief Taim asked rhetorically.

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