April 14, 2024

Battle for Edo PDP Ticket Thickens: “We’re All Aggrieved, We Can’t Afford to Fail”, Ojezua Urges Edo South Leaders


PDP Edo South Chairman, Nosa Ogieva

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By Reporter

Yesterday January 9, 2024, Mr. Anslem Ojezua Esq, one of the several governorship aspirant in Edo State, in continuation of his campaign to stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), visited leaders and executives of Edo South Senatorial districts in Benin City, the state capital, and urges that Edo people cannot afford to fail.

The venue of the event was filled to capacity in anticipation of distrust leaders and members who had come to hear the message and thoughts of Ojezua who many now believe may be the harbinger of peace and equality in a party that has become almost irretrievably collapsed – going by the war of attrition since Governor Godwin Obaseki joined the party in 2020.

Ojezua with supporters

Ojezua is one of several top politicians that followed Obaseki, after he resigned from his position as Edo State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress.

He spoke in a manner that invoked emotions and reassurance that hope was alive.

His remarks were laced with introspective words that expectedly attracted the scarce applause from the leaders who have become fatigued after three years of battle with Godwin Obaseki, who they have accused of eroding the values of PDP in Edo State.

Ojezua said he wasn’t in the race for his own personal interest alone, but to guaranty the interest of all who are not happy with what is going on in PDP.

“Don’t support me because of me, but support me because am a good candidate. My best friends are Benins, Benins made me Commissioner.

“It is home coming for me,” Ojezua said, as he recollected his days on the streets of Benin.

“Whatever am today was moulded in Benin City. You know me, am trustworthy. Am accessible, am humble, am honest, am promise keeper.

“We are all angry, we cannot afford to fail,” Ojezua urged. “Vote for me so we can quickly start the healing process.” Ojezua added.

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Reflecting on the controversies that has greeted the land administration in the state, Ojezua said that, the compulsory acquisition of land was introduced by colonial masters; “…We are not colonialist. We are going to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

“We shall not take over community lands, rather we will encourage community involvement in land administration.

“Communities will be in charge of development to avoid demolition of ongoing and completed property.

“Our blueprint will create new investment in the state. It will impact the local people,” he stressed.

speaking on his plans to grow the economy, Ojezua told Edo South said: “We need to deepen our economy with agriculture and engage the local people to be involve rather than handing over to our economy to foreign and outside investors.”

He asked for support of leaders and prayers as he he has dedicated himself to right the wrongs in Edo State..

When asked if he will step down for any anionted aspirant at anytime like his fellow aspirants has done in Edo Central, he said its normal for persons to pretend as aspirants.

“Let nobody deceive you, I went round leaders including Obaseki because I was serious about my ambition, and I don’t intend to step down from the race.

“Help me to break the shackles that has been placed on our hands. We are not slaves,” Ojezua insisted.

“There can never be two Oba’s in Benin,” Anslem Ojezua exclaimed, amidst ‘Oba Gha to Opkere’ from Edo South leaders.

Earlier, while welcoming Ojezua and his team, the Edo South Senatorial Chairman, Mr. Nosa Ogieva said the stake was high and advised Ojezua not to forget the roads he has passed.

”Don’t forget the injuries of yesterday because of today’s favour.” Edo South PDP Senatorial Chairman Barr. Nosa Ogieva admonished Edo South Senatorial leaders and executives.

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1 thought on “Battle for Edo PDP Ticket Thickens: “We’re All Aggrieved, We Can’t Afford to Fail”, Ojezua Urges Edo South Leaders

  1. As they say, “e don over Ojezua now”. Yeye man. When he followed Obaseki from APC to PDP, he had thought Obaseki was a human being. Now he has seen that Obaseki is friend to nobody. Obaseki has ruled Edo State for almost 8 years now, what legacy project can you point? 200,00 jobs? Gelegele Seaport? Agribusiness? Rice production at Edo North? Malaysia University? Obaseki day dreamed for 8 years. He is now bringing some one to come a d continue his failure from amongst unknown entities, leaving Ojezua and others that stood by him. Na so Obaseki be.

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