July 21, 2024

Edo 2024: We Will Beat Obaseki Silly



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By Kassim Afegbua.

How time flies!

When Governor Godwin Obaseki assumed the leadership of the state in 2016, he felt like being on top of the world.

He was seeing 2024 like year 3000, thinking in his vainglorious egotism and arrogance, that 2024 would never come.

After running an administration that has been characterised by leadership disaster, storm and stress, making Edo state laughable in the eyes of Nigerians, he now suddenly realises that his tenure would end by November 2024.

He now needs Edo people’s support for his chosen one, his godson, Asue Ighodalo to succeed him.

Having abandoned governance for seven years, he suddenly realises that he needs to patch up rotten roads, he needs to mend fences, he needs to visit Otaru of Auchi to break Ramadan, meanwhile, he’s fighting the Benin Monarch, trying effortlessly to rewrite history to ridicule a monarchy that has endured for over 1000 years.

Go and write it down, whatever this election will take, we will give it. We will beat Governor Obaseki and his godson silly.

He hates godfatherism, but he has suddenly become one; sheer hypocrisy.

He has been fighting everybody in Edo, applying divide and rule tactics, but suddenly he’s preaching unity.

He has been fighting the monarchy, he has been at loggerheads with his Deputy, Phillip Shuaibu.

He has been spreading hatred across the state, fought Adams Oshiomhole, his benefactor and godfather, closed down schools in the name of rehabilitation, governed with iron-fist tactics and mobile-thugs-gang, but just here, September 21st, has become the day of reckoning.

As I watched his godson Asue Ighodalo sweating profusely as he travels on Governor Obaseki’s bad roads, I sympathise with his fruitless effort.

September 21st will be the easiest election in Edo state when the APC will beat Governor Obaseki very silly at the polls.

Governor Obaseki dey run kati-kati up and down.

There is no Wike again, no Buhari that cannot take firm decision, there is no Kayode Fayemi with pretentious transaction.

All those who thought they were undoing Adams Oshiomhole, have all been disappointed by Governor Obaseki.

Them go collect wotor-wotor-wotor. The APC is confronted with two candidates in one: GODWIN-ASUE-OBASEKI-IGHODALO.

This is the PDP candidate that is desperately rooting for Osadebe Avenue. Edo people, my people, my people, will ask several questions before they punish this candidate with their thumbs. Where is Sobe Maize Farm?

Where is the anchor-borrowers money?

Where is CBN intervention funds? Where is the N18b naira refunded money for roads reconstruction under Adams Oshiomhole?

Where is Gele-gele Port? Where is our State Library?

Where are the promised 18 stadia in 18 Local Governments of the state? Where are the promised 300,000 jobs?

Where are the 18 healthcare centres in each of the 18 Local Government?

Where are our returned artefacts?

Where are the withheld allocations to our traditional rulers?

Where are the investments? Where are the infrastructure?

Where are the teachers for our schools?

Where is the N24b Paris Club refund? Where is the N26b 13%derivation fund?

Where is the digital learning? Where are the Internet facilities?

Where are our allocations? Too many questions!!!

Edo state is number five in the hierarchy of indebted States.

Billions of naira and dollars breathing down our throat, when allocations have improved tremendously.

Governor Obaseki has plundered the state mercilessly and now trying hard to supplant his godson, Asue Ighodalo to cover his tracks. Impossicant!!.

We need a Governor with emotional intelligence like the APC candidates; Okpebholo and Idahosa, to stabilise the Edo ship.

We need calm and well-disposed characters to help heal the wounds of Godwin Obaseki.

We need those who can fix our roads and build our infrastructure.

By fire, by force, affliction will not strike us a second time. ASUE IGHODALO has PHD in MoU, Masters Degree in Wayoo, and Bachelor’s degree in empty promises.

He offered courses in deceit and pretense. And obtained a post-graduate degree in lies. Tufiakwa!. Edo people, wake up and let’s chase away impostors.


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Kassim Afegbua

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