July 21, 2024

Chris Azebamwan

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By Chris Azebamwan

At the last count, about 54 aspirants across all Party lines from Edo Central Senatorial District have indicated interest in running for the office of Governor.

The main thrust of their presentation is built on the platform of entitlement.

They argue equity, justice and fairness without providing historical and political evidence or statistics to support their position.

The number of aspirants from Edo North and Edo South though less, is still high.

Though not all those who have indicated interest will eventually pick up nomination forms, it is expected that the number will be large. Expectedly, the Primaries will be contentious and divisive.

The ability of the leadership of APC to manage the resultant acrimony and discontent from the losers will determine to a large extent, the electoral fortunes of the Party at the general election.

There would be the need to proactively manage and harness the very large pool of human and material resources available in order that the inbuilt advantages can be properly harvested.

The temptation to zone the office to a particular Senatorial District should be avoided because APC needs to put its best foot forward.

Merit and Statewide acceptability of an individual should take precedence over ethnicity and sentiments in the selection of its candidate and flag bearer.

There will be no second chances in this zero sum game. It is winner takes all.

The PDP and Governor Obaseki are enmeshed in a crisis of performance but are desperate to hold on to power by any and all means.

Obaseki wants to anoint and deliver his successor in office, and will do everything within his power to undermine APC at the polls.

This scenario will put additional pressure on APC to close ranks and work as a team to secure the needed victory to ensure a return to Osadebe Avenue in 2024.

Chris Azebamwan, A former State Publicity Secretary, APC Edo State. He is a Political Analyst, Public commentator and activist for the defence of the rights of minorities.

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