July 20, 2024

Onaiwu Slams PDP Reconciliation Committee, Asserts PDP Has No Candidate for Edo Guber Elections

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By Editor

Earl Osaro Onaiwu, a prominent gubernatorial aspirant and key player within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has strongly criticized the party’s decision to constitute the Edo State Post-Primary Election Reconciliation Committee. Onaiwu, who has been vocal about his concerns regarding the unresolved court cases, believes that the reconciliation efforts are a mere waste of time.

Dr. Onaiwu…Says PDP has no candidate

In a direct confrontation with the PDP National Working Committee (NWC), Onaiwu stated that until all the court cases surrounding the Edo Governorship primaries are resolved, the PDP cannot legitimately field a candidate for the upcoming Governorship Elections.

He maintained that the committee’s efforts would be futile and an excursion in futility, as they disregard the pressing legal matters at hand.

Onaiwu’s strong stance highlights the underlying tensions within the PDP, as different factions grapple with the aftermath of the contentious primary elections.

With numerous court cases still pending, the party faces an uphill battle in resolving internal conflicts and presenting a united front for the forthcoming elections.

Bature get knocks for his role in Edo PDP Congress

While the PDP leadership remains optimistic about the reconciliation committee’s ability to address concerns and foster party unity, Onaiwu’s dissenting opinion raises questions about the party’s readiness to face the political challenges in Edo State.

As a key player within the party, his statement adds weight to the ongoing debate surrounding the legitimacy of the PDP’s candidate selection process.

In response to Onaiwu’s criticism, the PDP NWC reiterates its call for critical stakeholders and party members in Edo State to remain steadfast and work towards the success of their chosen governorship candidate, Dr. Asuerinme Ighodalo.

However, Onaiwu’s skepticism represents a significant challenge to the party’s unity and raises doubts about the PDP’s ability to navigate the complex political landscape in Edo State.

PDP Acting National Chairman, Damagum

With the court cases looming overhead, the resolution of these legal disputes will play a crucial role in determining the PDP’s candidate eligibility for the Governorship Elections.

As the PDP’s internal rifts continue to deepen, the party must find a way to address the concerns raised by figures like Onaiwu, while simultaneously striving to uphold the principles of due process and fairness within its ranks.

The upcoming days and weeks will undoubtedly prove critical for the PDP as they confront the delicate task of reconciling internal divisions, resolving legal battles, and ultimately presenting a united front to contest the September 21, 2024 Governorship Election in Edo State.

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