May 29, 2024

Edo 2024: Obaseki Legacy Coalition False Accusation


Gov Obaseki

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By Yakubu Osakhuenokhuodin, Member Legacy Media Team.

“I will fight them, we will fight them, I will flush them out, they collected money from other political parties…” This were some of the unfortunate words from the Emperor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, during the inauguration of the 363-member campaign council.” PDP is one.

Those who are fighting PDP have collected money from the other parties, and they want to sell out. Join me so that we can flush them out of our party.

Because we are not going to allow anybody to divide us, we are one party, one indivisible party in Edo State.

“The money they have collected is enough, let them go and enjoy it; let them go and spend it outside. We don’t have anything to fear. I will fight them if they try us; we will fight them if they try us.

“They know us, we never fight and lose, let them come and try. They have collected money, let them stay outside with their money, and not disturb us because this election is ours and we are going to win by the grace of God.”

No one was expecting anything less from the Adolf Hitler of Edo State during the event. We consider his utterances uncouth and undignified.

We challenge Gov. Obaseki to name the Parties that gave Legacy leaders money. The names of the leaders and how much they were given and where they were given the money.

We urge the governor who now talks without civility accorded a person of his status to respect his office and stop making unfounded and baseless allegations.

No one can sweep the issues between Obaseki and Legacy PDP, and Edo people under the carpet. Good governance cannot be defined by the number of people you fight.

You fought everyone in APC and they threw you out of the Party. You joined the PDP and the leaders and members worked tirelessly for your re-election but today you are also fighting them.

This is the height of ingratitude. Gov. Obaseki was kicked out from the All Progressive Congress(APC) for his actions of ingratitude towards his benefactors, Senator Adams Oshiomole and critical stakeholder of the party.

Seeing that his political life had been extinguished, the Edo chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) rescued him from the duldrum of humiliation. He was given the PDP ticket as a lifeline or else he was already on his way to Lagos where he came from.

The PDP in Edo State, led by Chief Dan Osi Orbih, with other members, including candidates who relinquished their possible ticket to him, joined forces to campaign for him in 192 wards.

Orbih never missed a single day during the campaigns. As a candidate that was difficult to sell as a result of under performance in his first term, the members went round all parts of the state propping his image.

After winning the election, Obaseki turned his back on the party and members that gave him the ticket and supported him.

His attempt to dominate the party structure using the Harmonization mantra failed with legal and human roadblocks set up by the leader of the party, Chief Dan Orbih.

The fight raged on until the Supreme Court gave Obaseki’s camp a Pyrrhic victory where all his candidates including Atiku, lost in the general election in 2023 woefully.

All effort to see that the party learnt from the sorry defeat in the general election proved abortive. Obaseki continued to marginalize the Legacy Group in the Party’s activities.

When it was time to scout for who will succeed him, he went to bring an outsider who was barely 2 months old in the party.

He sold Asue Ighodalo to very few hungry leaders of the party who allegedly took money from him to close their thoughts to justice, fairness and equity.

It is alleged that money was spent in their billions for Asue to secure the ticket. Well, everyone thought he would use the opportunity to court the Legacy Group by choosing his deputy from their fold.

Lo and behold, he decided on Osarodion Ogie, the present SGG to the government.

This act infuriated members of the group acknowledging the fact that they have been totally marginalized in their own party.

The group rallied massive members across the three senatorial district to voice out their disenchantment against the state of affairs in the Party.

The first was held in Edo South, then Edo North and Edo Central where several other party members joined the mass movement.

This no doubt had infuriated Obaseki to no small measure. The Legacy Group cared less since they have already vowed not to be part of the sham unless the issues raised are addressed.

Of course, Chief Dan Orbih declined being part of the campaign council, claiming he was not consulted before he was added.

This sent shocking waves to Obaseki and his ilks to the extent it was said that he vowed to humiliate the charming Ogbona born politician in Edo State.

Today, PDP in Edo State is in disarray; members are leaving in their droves as they are already feeling the sense of defeat in within their ranks.

Hon. Kayode from Owan, a grassroot mobilizer, was among the first that left the party. Comrade Philip Shaibu has since left the PDP in spirit.

Hon. Adjoto Kabiru is now with the APC having recently met the Vice President and Senator Oshiomole. Chief Audu Agadaga from Uzea recently resigned from PDP, and followed by one of the strongest grassroot politician from Esanland and PDP Stalwart, Hon Felix Akhabue AKA Joefel.

These notable members have not only just left, they left with thousands of their supporters.

Apart from his MOU performance, Obaseki has failed to play party politics as would have been expected.

His resort to propaganda is outside this world. Just today, the emerging godfather of Edo factional PDP orchestrated the indefinite suspension of three members of the Edo House of Assembly on trumped up charges.

And the members, with large following cut across the three senatorial districts: Hon.

Bright Iyamu from Edo South Senatorial District, Hon. Isibor Addeh Imakun from Edo Central Senatorial District and Hon. Donald Okogbe from Edo North Senatorial District.

Unfortunately this is happening some four months to an election where his chosen Political godson is contesting. What will the result be?

Time will Tell.

Yakubu Osakhuenokhuodin. Member legacy Media Team.

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