April 17, 2024

Catholic Priest Writes Gov. Obaseki, Says Shaibu’s Impeachment will be a Betrayal, and will Redefine ‘Loyalty and Aspiration’ as Antithetical


Rev Father Obinyan

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By Reporter

The Priest of the St. Francis Catholic Church, Benin City, Edo State, Rev. Fr. Andrew Obinyan who was evicted from Edo Government House Chapel on the order of Governor Godwin Obaseki has made a passionate appeal to the governor to pursue a path of peace and forgive his deputy, Comrade Philip Shuaibu

Father Obinyan, who had been in charge of the chapel for more than eight years, was sacked by Obaseki for nursing the ambition to contest the September 21, 2024 governorship election in the state.

Good times…Obaseki-Shaibu

According to a release signed and made available to the Press earlier today in Benin city, the Catholic Priest admonished Obaseki to accommodate Comrade Philip Shaibu.

“I make a humble and passionate appeal to Your Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki. I entreat you because I regard you as a civilized and enlightened man.

“May it not be in the annals of Edo Political History that there was once a Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, impeached under your watch for his aspiration.

“It will be perceived as a sting of “betrayal” and it will invariably redefine “Loyalty and Aspiration” as antithetical.

“Please, don’t get me wrong because this is far more polite than you can imagine.

“This is the kernel of my entreaty: Leave your deputy alone to deal with his issues and resolve them without initiating impeachment. Reconciliation is always a prosperous option. Listen to your kind heart.

“I am not insinuating he must be Governor.Yet, we cannot justify an impeachment without putting a wedge on the path of positive advancement in other spheres of life.

“Please, Mr. Governor, talk to Edo State House of Assembly to discontinue the impeachment process.

“Honourable Members must ensure that legislation prohibits any move that bears the semblance of retaliation.

Do yourselves a favour because you don’t know the next victim in sudden political twists and turns.

“Dear Mr. Governor, here is the point: Bear with Comrade Philip Shaibu, not for his sake but for the sake of your own indomitable spirit.

“What I see in you is what I see in your Deputy – a resolute spirit. We often say only God can determine who gets power.

Obaseki, urging Edo Assembly to impeach his deputy, Shaibu

“This saying should not be personalized and meaningful only when it is to our advantage.

“When you were at your lowest point and facing your political trials, your rock bottom foundation was the support from Edo people and your deputy, who you used to call your brother.

“I am pleading.Your silence has been golden.Continue to be a big brother to him. Feel for the number two man who seeks power so passionately and determinedly without your support.

“A man whose level of determination makes him literally stressed out, worried, burdened, spending strength and resources, deserves empathy not Impeachment.”

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